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AVNA Announces Addition of Plastic Molding & Insert Molding Capabilities

New Britain, CT – April 12, 2022 – AVNA, a contract manufacturer of components and subassemblies for global medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), is pleased to announce the addition of plastic molding and insert molding to its custom manufacturing capabilities. These new, in-house processes at the company’s New Britain, CT and Alajuela, Costa Rica facilities allow AVNA to further integrate its production operations, improving efficiency and manufacturing continuity while reducing lead times. 

“We are excited to introduce these new processes to our already robust manufacturing capabilities,” stated Sean Stowik, Director of Sales and Marketing at AVNA . “While there is a clear value in quality, as components never leave the strict compliance standards of our own facilities, this service also allows us to expand the way we support customers, furthering our customer-centric approach to part design, manufacturability and production.” 

As part of the expansion, AVNA has invested in both horizontal and rotary vertical molding machines, as well as additional automation systems, inspection equipment and advanced quality control technologies. The vertical integration of plastic molding and insert molding improves quality control, reduces supply chain risks and supports cost control initiatives.

Plastic molding and insert molding are increasingly common processes in many medical devices. With unique design flexibilities, plastic molding processes are often used on parts used for surgical, endoscopic, laparoscopic and ligation applications.

OKAY’s insert and two-shot insert molding production capability, combined with multi-cavity and small shot molding capabilities, allows for highly efficient production of medical and surgical components that require tight tolerance and/or difficult-to-intricate part geometries, reducing secondary operations, increasing flexibility of design and allowing for an increased variety of shapes, styles and options. AVNA currently produces a wide range of metal tubes, shafts, blades, and other components to be insert molded.

“The addition of plastics to our metal tube forming, laser tube cutting, and precision stamping and machining operations allows us to provide fully-integrated manufacturing of parts for many highly-precise medical applications,” stated Stowik. “We are pleased to expand the ways we deliver value to our customers and are ready to help solve design challenges and support supply chain continuity and cost controls with these new plastic capabilities.” 

OKAY’s two-shot insert molding of laser processed and formed tubing for medical device applications allows for highly efficient production of multi-surfaced applications.

Plastic molding ofAVNA ’s D-shaped, stainless steel tubes used for medical device applications can be used to improve functionality and protect components.

With the latest plastic injection molding technologies, such as this long, small diameter stainless steel tube molding for medical procedure instruments, AVNA can produce a wide range of plastic shapes, styles, and colors through its use of different engineered thermoplastic materials, as well as applications that require tight tolerance and/or difficult-to-intricate part geometries.

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