Design for Manufacturability

Excellence in DFM

Experts in equipment, technologies and processes, our team will collaborate with you to optimize your design to get you to market faster, with improved results and lower costs.

With customer-focused processes and an unwavering dedication to excellence, AVNA has become one of the world’s most-respected medical device manufacturing companies. Customers rely on our commitment to innovation, and we apply our design for manufacturing and assembly expertise to optimize results. Our collaborative team solves complex design and manufacturability challenges.

We Manufacture The Impossible.

With over 100 years of manufacturing and toolmaking expertise, the team at AVNA brings an unmatched level of experience and knowledge to every medical component design for manufacturing and assembly project. Our multi-disciplined engineering teams include mechanical, electrical, laser processing, quality, manufacturing, tooling and automation specialists – who work together to optimize part manufacturability, assembly and performance.

While each design for manufacturing and assembly project presents its own unique challenges, withAVNA ’s advanced processes, integrated capabilities and depth of expertise, we regularly solve the problems others cannot. Our team collaborates with customers early on to understand applications and challenges and reviews all design considerations to customize a manufacturing process that delivers quality and performance at a cost you can count on.

Customers are impressed by our innovation – we develop solutions and improve outcomes when others say it is impossible. Our design for manufacturing and assembly services are proven, delivering the precision results that make us an award-winning supplier.

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Medical Device Designs that are Part of Something Greater

In order to truly be a Part of Something Greater, our team recommends that we are involved as early in the design stage as possible. We help the world’s leading medical device OEMs solve complex design for manufacturing and assembly challenges every day and can help you get to market faster and at a lower cost.

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