Medical Laser Welding

Laser Welding for Medical Device Components & Assemblies

AVNA’s fully automated medical laser welding process and equipment includes integrated tooling and vision inspection systems.

Our custom designed manufacturing solutions deliver the precise amount of weld energy needed to match your medical device component’s critical applications and often complex specifications. We can produce deep structural welds, as well as delicate wire-to-wire micro welding.

Medical Laser Welding – The AVNA Way

AVNA’s experienced laser engineers can customize a welding process that minimizes heat and creates homogeneous welds without warping or part discoloration, ensuring strong, reliable product performance medical devices OEMs can count on.

The laser process experts at AVNA will collaborate with you to develop the best solution for your project, with precision processes that include:

  • Structural Welding – to precisely bond two components together
  • Hermetic Welding – to seal and prevent fluid/air leakage/penetration
  • Micro Welding – to join extremely small components with strict tolerance allowances and specifications.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities are Part of Something Greater

At AVNA, we design and build custom laser systems in-house, with medical-grade quality and performance for your application. The depth and breadth of our machining and medical laser processing services allow us to provide the best solution – customizing technology and processes to maximize quality, performance and cost efficiency. Manufacturing technologies include:

  • 5 Axis laser weld systems with a motorized tiltable laser head + 6th manual axis in a tiltable rotary/3-Jaw chuck or collet
  • Fully custom 2 Axis, 3 Axis, and 4 Axis laser weld systems
  • Class 1 and Class 4 laser weld systems
  • Robotic laser welding
  • Nd: Yag and Fiber laser welders

Speak with an AVNA Laser Process Engineer today about our manufacturing capabilities, including customizable weld spot sizes (.006” – .060”, dependent on part configuration and material thickness)  to fit your specific application, similar and dissimilar material laser welding and our in-house Metallurgic Mount & Polish station for evaluating weld penetration and quality beyond normal tensile testing.

Our team will collaborate with you to develop specialized marking solutions for your application, such as cannulas, needle assemblies, obturator & trocar, debrides, burr-blades, continuous or interrupted spiral design, articulated joints, puzzle-lock pattern, pull ring assemblies, link and spring welded assemblies, catheters and suture anchors.

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Discover HowAVNA ’s Laser Welding for Medical Device Components & Assemblies Can Improve Your Customers’ Health and Lives

The experts at AVNA deliver craftsmanship, innovation, and excellence to precision manufacturing that is Part of Something Greater. Our collaborative team is ready to assist with your medical laser welding, laser tube cutting and/or laser marking needs. Contact us or schedule an appointment in our NexTech Labs and discover how our customer-focused collaboration will improve outcomes on your next project.