Custom Automation Processes

Design for Automation

Equipment, processes and engineers deliver excellence customers can depend on from product concept throughout the product life cycle.

At AVNA, every step in our production process is driven by quality and compliance. Our customized medical device automation processes allow us to reduce part handling, improve outcomes and eliminate errors. With advanced robotics and expert engineering support, our specialized design for automation team works to maximize quality in your precision medical components and assemblies.

Expertise For Absolute Process Control.

With in-house medical device automation capabilities, AVNA engineers can develop precision-controlled solutions for your project. Our proven expertise in custom-built tooling and machining for robotics automation platforms gives us total control of the manufacturing process from the very beginning. With a dedicated team focused on part handling, movement and compliance, we strategically balance manufacturing speed and accuracy. The result is unmatched quality, efficiency and cost-savings.

Our customers depend on AVNA as their strategic partner to develop advanced automation processes that deliver consistently reliable, high quality medical device components and assemblies. Reducing labor and providing fully-automated production capabilities, our design for automation capabilities leverage:

  • In-House Process Design, Equipment Build & Toolmaking – ensuring medical device automation processes are customized to your component.
  • Custom Auto Load/Unload – quickly and effectively transferring parts into a nest or remote location, preparing for subsequent operations or shipping.
  • Vision Guidance – complying with extremely tight tolerances for product movement, transport or assembly.
  • Automated Inspection – touchless, vision quality systems based on pixel count for extreme accuracy.
  • Automated Laser Marking – integrating barcoding, static visuals, serial numbers, logos and symbols with robotic controls.

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Design for Automation that is Part of Something Greater

AVNA medical device automation experts deliver the compliance and expertise demanded by the world’s leading OEMs. Our in-house design and build teams work in unison to create complex tooling, robotics and process solutions. Learn more about how we can help you manufacture Part of Something Greater with our integrated manufacturing solutions and medical device automation process.

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