Swiss Precision Turning

Swiss Turning & Precision
Accu-LaserSwiss™ Cutting

Advanced Swiss precision turning, Accu-LaserSwiss and Swiss Micromachining capabilities provide accuracy and process efficiency on even the most complex projects.

AVNA brings precision manufacturing to a new level with our Swiss turning, Accu-LaserSwiss and Micromachining capabilities. Whether utilized as a single process, or with combined Swiss turning and laser cutting performed as one single operation, our expert team delivers the precision results customers depend on to improve health and lives.

Complex Parts Like You’ve Never Seen, At A Low Cost You Wouldn’t Expect.

Ultra-precise and ultra-complex are no challenge for the experts at AVNA . Our Swiss precision turning, Micromachining and Accu-LaserSwiss processes deliver efficiency, accuracy and lower cost. From Swiss-turning and Accu-LaserSwiss to Swiss Micromachining operations on parts as small as 1.5mm x 1.5mm, , our experts transform tubes, bar and wire into new shapes, new designs and deliver new functionality never available before.

Swiss Turning

Based on decades of precision component manufacturing experience, AVNA ’ Swiss turning processes deliver unmatched reliability and precision. Supported by in-house engineering, our Swiss turning operations provide precision control with integrated inspection and quality monitoring ideal for even the most complex medical applications.

Our Swiss precision turning equipment includes:

  • Swiss CNC multi-axis machines with a fully programmable B-axis which are capable of machining parts up to 20.0mm in diameter at virtually any angle.


The team at AVNA developed our Accu-LaserSwiss processes to deliver efficiency and lower cost, with innovation that helps customers save time and expense. Accu-LaserSwiss™ combines the precision of Swiss turning centers with a fully-integrated laser cutting system. This optimized process combines two proven and reliable manufacturing methods into one efficient machine operation – ensuring quality, tolerance control, and repeatability without duplicating effort. With Accu-LaserSwiss, we minimize part handling, changing of machines and re-registering by eliminating secondary processing.

Our Accu-LaserSwiss capabilities support:

  • Tube diameters from 2.0mm (.080”) to 12.7mm (1/2”)
  • Wall thicknesses down to .05mm (.002”)
  • Laser cut widths down to 0.05mm

As Accu-LaserSwiss™ dramatically cuts costs, reduces cycle time and lets you create features that would be impossible on conventional Swiss-turning equipment. Cutting slots as narrow as .002″ with repeatable accuracy, and small holes with no “tool wear” are all possible with laser swiss. As co-developer of this innovative laser machining process, AVNA is the industry leader in this technology.

Swiss Micromachining

Leveraging our expertise in Swiss precision turning, AVNA is an industry leader in ultra-precise Swiss Micromachining processes. With state-of-the-art Swiss type lathes, we produce micro and nano-sized precision components, with high-quality finishes, for extremely small components. Capable of producing parts as small as 1.5mm x 1.5mm, our Swiss Micromachining operations can load bar stock as small as .8mm and are ideal for implantables, medical devices, electronics and micromechanics.

For new designs, or existing products that can benefit from improved production operations, Accu-LaserSwiss brings efficiency and cost-savings to Swiss precision turning. Engineers can design and build products that previously would have been impractical, extremely costly or would not have met process capability.

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OKAY’s Swiss precision turning processes are very precise, ideal for small components
OKAY’s Swiss precision turning capabilities offer a combination of superior quality with cost savings.

Swiss Turning Processes that are Part of Something Greater

Our Swiss Turning, Accu-LaserSwiss and Swiss Micromachining capabilities provides efficiency and cost-savings that make for unparalleled manufacturing quality of every part.

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