Medical Device Laser Marking

Medical Device Laser Marking

Laser marking produces smooth, dark, high-contract marks for device identification – from static visuals to serial numbers and 2D barcode symbology.

AVNA’s flexible medical device laser marking systems can easily handle a full range of shapes and geometries, from flat to spherical. Our laser marks are developed to withstand passivation and repeated cleaning.

Laser Focused on Precision Laser Marking

From logos and graphics to part identification, AVNA’s Laser Process Engineers can help you hit your mark on visual and functional needs and are recognized for their leadership in medical laser processing, inventing and integrating laser technologies to improve product manufacturing and final product performance. Our team will collaborate with you to develop specialized marking, welding and laser cutting solutions for your application. We design and build custom laser systems in-house, with medical-grade quality and performance for your application.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

AVNA offers a wide variety of precision medical device laser marking services. The depth and breadth of our machining and services allow us to provide the best solution – customizing technology and processes to maximize quality, performance and cost efficiency. Experience the AVNA difference with:

  • Fully custom Laser Marking Systems with up to 5 lasers integrated and utilized for black marking and edge conditioning
  • Fully custom 4 Axis and 3 Axis laser marking systems
  • Class 1 and Class 4 laser marking systems
  • Fully automated options with feeder and robot
  • Pulsed Nanosecond Fiber Laser and Ultrafast Picosecond DDPS lasers
  • Optional integrated vision inspection systems and cameras to locate laser mark and inspect position.

Our Medical Device Laser Marking Solutions

AVNA’s laser marking offers a variety of solutions to meet demand for complex medical device components, and our team will collaborate with you to develop specialized marking for your applications. Materials available include stainless steel (300 series, 17-4, 17-7), anodized aluminum, titanium, plastics, copper, brass. Laser marking solutions offered by AVNA include:

  • Black laser mark
    • Standard black finish
    • Matte black finish
    • Etched/texture finish (gray-ish)
    • Passivation resistant & Autoclave resistant
  • Edge conditioning (Laser rounding sharp edges)
  • Laser texture
    • Laser knurl (diamond knurl) or laser scribe
    • Grit blast/bead blast alternative finish
    • Surface roughing for Over mold retention
  • Laser polish or ablation
  • UDI (Unique Device Identification), barcode, serialization, dot matrix
  • Paint removal

Medical Device Laser Marking Done Right. Talk to an AVNA engineer today.

High Precision Laser Markings to Meet the Strictest Requirements

Our team is ready to collaborate with you to solve complex challenges, optimize manufacturability, while considering form fit and function. The range of our machining and medical laser marking services allow us to provide the best solution – customizing technology and processes to maximize quality, performance and cost efficiency of medical device components and assemblies such as cannulas, needle assemblies, obturator & trocar, debrides, burr-blades, continuous or interrupted spiral design, articulated joints, puzzle-lock pattern, pull ring assemblies, link and spring welded assemblies, catheters and suture anchors.

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Medical Device Laser Marking That is Part of Something Greater

Our quality systems, product quality planning and advanced measurement techniques are recognized by the world’s largest medical device companies. Contact our team today to discuss your laser marking, laser cutting and/or laser welding needs. Contact us or schedule an appointment in our NexTech Labs and discover how our customer-focused collaboration will improve outcomes on your next project.