Surgical Blade Manufacturer

Accu-Blade® Surgical Cutting Edges

Quality driven by one of the world’s most experienced surgical blade instrument manufacturers.

Accu-Blade® scissors, knives and cutting components deliver precise sharpness and consistent performance. Our proven methodology and expert surgical instrument manufacturing processes allow us to form, sharpen and inspect each cutting edge. The result is a low-load surgical cutting component that is compliant, precise and reliable.

Sharpness And Consistency You Can Bet Your Life On

Cutting blades produced with AVNA ’ Accu-Blade processes reduce cut forces and deliver superior performance. Our precision surgical instrument manufacturing processes ensure quality and dependability.

Our engineering, design for manufacturing and design for automation specialists collaborate with customers to ensure excellence from the beginning. We design and build custom surgical instrument manufacturing solutions in-house for maximum efficiency and quality. With automated programs that grind edges on servo-driven multi-axis equipment, we produce knifes and cutting edges with high strength and repeatable compliance. We incorporate custom-developed, multi-axis programs to grind and hone complex blade angles. The result is cutting instruments with reduced cut forces and unmatched dependability.

As an experienced and reliable surgical blade manufacturer, our dedicated team, combined with in-house tool making and state-of-the-art technologies, develops proprietary processes that deliver results you can depend on. Integrated and programmable quality systems monitor precision and consistency. Our surgical instrument manufacturing is recognized throughout the medical industry for delivering the highest quality cutting components at a reasonable cost.

AVNA has delivered millions of shears, knife blades and other cutting components using Accu-Blade technology. Customers rely on AVNA for our precision surgical instrument manufacturing expertise. Accu-Blade edges are used in medical and surgical applications, including:

  • Arthroscopic
  • Endoscopic
  • Laparoscopic
  • Orthopedic
  • Ophthalmic
  • Other custom applications

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Accu-Blade is a proprietary process developed by, and only available from AVNA . AVNA  is one of the most experienced Accu-Blade surgical blades manufacturers, offering customers superior performance.

Surgical Instrument Manufacturing that is Part of Something Greater

Accu-Blade is a proprietary process developed by, and only available from, AVNA . Our experienced team, each one dedicated to manufacturing Part of Something Greater, work collaboratively together to design and build an advanced surgical instrument manufacturing process. AVNA  is a surgical blade manufacturer committed to exceeding expectations, and we have created new production machinery, new sharpening technologies and advanced, automated testing equipment as an end-to-end customer solution.

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