Medical Device Finishing

Medical Device Component Finishing Capabilities

From concept to final delivery, our processes ensure that the design, manufacture and finish of your medical devices exceed your expectations.

At every step in the development process, AVNA ’ experienced team meets the strictest requirements for quality. To help maintain the compliance and control that the medtech industry demands, we offer a variety of precision secondary operations and medical device finishing processes to ensure the highest quality of your products. Using traceable workflows and rigorous integrated inspection systems, we deliver high-performing parts our customers can rely on.

From Start To Finish, We Deliver Precision Medical Device Components and Assemblies Medtech Companies can rely on.

With some of the industry’s highly sought after quality certifications and registrations, AVNA is recognized by the world’s leading OEMs for advanced compliance in our medical device finishing operations. Our standards for excellence are unmatched, and customers rely on our precision and collaboration, developing components that help improve health and lives.

Our secondary and medical device finishing operations include:

  • Assembly
  • Precision Grinding – including automated knife, scissor and blade sharpening
  • Drilling, Riveting & Tapping
  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Marking, Etching & Pad Printing
  • Cleaning – including tumbling, controlled media blasting and thermal deburring
  • Heat Treating
  • Electropolishing & Passivation
  • Vapor Degreasing
  • Buffing
  • Plating & Painting
  • Performance Coating – including anodizing, TeflonTM coating and phosphate coating
  • Plastic Molding & Overmolding

Our highly-automated processes feature a variety of robotic operations, supported by our design for automation team. From part production and movement to final part inspection, AVNA minimizes risk and maximizes precision and quality control at every opportunity.

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AVNA's experts offer medical device finishing as the final step in product development.

Medical Device Finishing that is Part of Something Greater

Come to our NexTech Labs and experience being Part of Something Greater – from the first prototype and process development meeting – to the last piece in a large-volume production run. AVNA provides the expertise and quality that the world’s largest medical device companies demand. Our precision secondary and medical device finishing operations are often the final step in a long product development, and our team is here to advise on the best ways to achieve part compliance, quality and production efficiency.

Contact us or schedule an appointment in our NexTech Labs and discover how our customer-focused collaboration will improve outcomes on your next project.