Medical Metal Tube Forming

Metal Tube Forming For Custom Medical Components

AVNA ’ precision metal tube forming and swaging capabilities feature integrated inspection controls for the most advanced manufacturing of metal tube closures.

Our closed-end process creates single-piece spherical and elliptical tube closures with both straight and flared profiles, based on application requirements. We maximize quality with a fully-automated vertical process that maintain ID, OD and wall thickness, as well as integrate with quality and compliance technologies.

New Technology for Virtually Every Closed Tube Requirement.

AVNA is a constant innovator, and our precision metal tube forming and swaging is no exception. With our integrated production capabilities and engineering expertise, we can develop and produce your custom medical components from start to finish, handling all aspects of production including:

  • Laser Swiss technology with a single pass fully homogenized end closure
  • Tooling strategies that allow for a wide-range of product sizes
  • Finish grinding of both spherical and elliptical ends
  • Profile tolerances as tight as .0005” – .0010” TIR
  • Precision cutting edges and teeth – manufactured using in-house technologies
  • Compliance tailored to meet today’s complex part geometries

Single-Tube Process. Many Benefits.

Our revolutionized metal tube forming provides solutions that take your medical devices to the next level. AVNA’s single-tube process ensures concentricity, uniformity and part-to-part consistency. Our streamlined workflows reduce secondary operations, while improving quality and lowering costs. No matter what manufacturing requirement you have, we are equipped with the latest innovations to exceed your expectations, such as:

  • Tube forming utilizing in-die sensing and integrated inspection to guarantee form, fit and function
  • Maintenance of wall thickness, cylindricity and overall integrity of the tube
  • Swaging solutions that accommodate a wide range of tube sizes
  • Lower cost, high-precision and superior finishes compared to standard post finishing techniques
  • Controlled part fit up maximizes cutting efficiency and allows for higher device RPM
  • Complex and repeatable tooth forms to minimize cutting forces

The processes are ideal for multi-component inner and outer-mated tube assemblies – or any other tube-based medical device.

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AVNA offers medical metal tube forming services using state-of-the-art processes and technologies.

Precision Metal Tube Forming and Swaging that is Part of Something Greater

AVNA is dedicated to offering medical device companies state-of-the-art, proprietary processes and technologies, all developed in-house. Our precision metal tube closure forming and swaging capabilities create one more production innovation to get your project completed, faster.

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