Medical Plastic Injection Molding

Precision Injection Molding for Medical Applications

Plastic injection molding and plastic overmolding are two of the most common modern thermoplastic manufacturing processes. These processes are ideal for high volume orders and for repeatable compliance.

Insert overmolding is typically used in conjunction with other advanced metal forming and laser processes to leverage the benefits of multiple materials in one component. AVNA is pleased to now offer advanced technology for manufacturing.

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Engineering Expertise Injected With New Plastic Molding Capabilities

AVNA has developed integrated processes and a comprehensive approach to help customers solve their toughest medical component challenges. With our array of precision capabilities and our customer-centric approach, we’re ready to help you with your next project using our advanced medical plastic injection molding manufacturing processes.

AVNA combines its longstanding expertise in solving engineering challenges with the latest medical plastic injection molding technologies, helping you get your components to market faster and optimized for your application. With efficient, repeatable processes and flexible capabilities, as a contract medical metal part manufacturing and plastic injection molding company, we can provide customers with integrated manufacturing capabilities and a variety of advantages, including: 

  • Reduced secondary operations
  • Improved quality and reliability
  • Lowered overall costs
  • Increased flexibility in design
  • Wide range of engineered thermoplastic materials
  • Increased variety of shapes, styles and colors.

As a medical metal components, assemblies and plastic injection molding company, AVNA combines advanced metal tube forming, laser tube cutting, and welding and surface treatment capabilities with fully-integrated manufacturing processes to produce highly precise medical and surgical components.  

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Plastic Capabilities for Medical Components. Molded to be Part of Something Greater.

AVNA is dedicated to offering medical device OEMs an integrated experience to help increase efficiency, quality and flexibility in design validation and production. Our engineers are ready to assist with our plastic molding capabilities, from helping with prototype design challenges to final production of large volume orders.

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AVNA,  a medical plastic injection molding company and contract manufacturer, offers processes that can produce precise medical and surgical components.