Doing the Right Things Right

Quality Focused

At AVNA, quality drives everything we do. Ensuring precision and compliance of our medical device components is our most critical capability.

AVNA develops customized quality inspection plans for every component and assembly we produce. Our controls are as focused and unique as the part itself, with integrated monitoring, testing and recording. Every single person at AVNA is responsible for quality – and we empower our entire production team to deliver the precision components that improve the health and lives of your customers.

Excellence That Helps You Improve Your Customers’ Health and Lives.

At AVNA, our customer-focused collaboration ensures the highest level of product quality is delivered on time. As one of the industry’s most respected medical device component manufacturers, our quality and compliance process is stringent, meeting a variety of quality standards and customer specific requirements.

We maintain a team of highly-skilled quality engineers who specialize in product development and manufacturing processes. Throughout the development cycle we develop and execute validation protocols utilizing cross-functional teams to establish robust processes that ensure stable medical device component manufacturing. In support of all this, we employ:

  • Optical Inspection Systems
  • Scanning Touch Probe CMMs
  • Mechanical Testing – including hardness, tension and compression testing
  • Automated Data Collection with Real Time Analysis “SPC”
  • Fully-Functional ERP system – to provide the entire production team with direct, on-the-floor access to all product specifications and order details
  • Electronic Identification and Traceability of Materials
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning

Quality Policy.

Quality is our Passion. Our Commitment. Our Deliverable.

Our medical device manufacturing certifications and registrations include:

A Dedicated Team that is Part of Something Greater

Our entire team is fully dedicated to and responsible for quality, 100%. We empower each employee to ensure that compliance, precision and excellence is maintained at every step of the development and production processes. We maintain a variety of ISO Certifications and the AVNA team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Contact us or schedule an appointment in our NexTech Labs and discover how our customer-focused collaboration will improve outcomes on your next project.