Medical Precision Metal Stamping

Medical Precision Metal Stampings & Medical Machining

Medical machining and stamping operations that deliver quality and compliance – so you can rest assured that your job will be run right.

When a project requires ingenuity and quality, you need proven expertise. Thousands of suppliers can form a shape, but for designs that require complex medical machining and precision stamping, the experts at AVNA will turn your ideas into reality. For over a century we have exceeded customer expectations for excellence, delivering dependable quality for even the most critical applications.

Precision Compliance From Customer-Driven Innovation, From Start To Finish.

Our experts take complex designs and make them look easy. AVNA ’s medical precision metal stamping and machining operations ensure compliance, improve outcomes and lower total costs. Our quality is driven by our engineering and tooling design teams, who bring innovative thinking and smart solutions to every project. When others may turn to casting or metal injection molding, our multi-disciplined teams collaborate with you to develop customized precision stamping and medical machining processes. Our expertise allows us to make the highest quality parts.

Our engineers and in-house toolmakers collaborate with you to develop efficient, precision medical machining processes that optimize costs. We advise on material selection, dimensional tolerances, and the physical and performance considerations of your design. Our team will engineer a custom stamping and medical machining processes that lowers total costs, ensuring compliance from start to finish.

With on-site engineering and tooling departments, AVNA designs and fabricates work holding solutions that facilitate efficiency and repeatability, from set-up to production. Our precision medical machining and stamping equipment includes straight side presses from 60 to 400 tons, multi-axis CNC controlled milling, turning, swiss turning, proprietary edge grinding, and wire EDM. All AVNA precision medical machining operations are designed for quality, with integrated inspection technology and rigorous process controls, delivering compliance at every step.

From concept to prototype and throughout the product life cycle, the AVNA team’s collaborative environment ensures efficiency, quality and product performance.

We’ve developed our own custom-engineered techniques to manufacture medical components from virtually any metal. Our experienced team are experts at medical machining and stamping as well as mission-critical component production using a wide variety of materials and specialty alloys, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Brass 
  • Cobalt Chrome
  • Inconel®
  • Kovar
  • Low & HSLA carbon steels
  • Medical-grade plastics
  • Monel
  • Nitinol
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Tantalum

Our team addresses compliance for the life of the part. With in-house tooling and design for automation services, we not only develop our own medical machining and part handling processes, but we work with you to create solutions that maintain edge condition, shape and compliance even after components leave our facilities.  

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precision medical machining
AVNA  provides the best precision medical stamping solutions

Medical Machining & Stamping that is Part of Something Greater

Customers with demanding applications turn AVNA for our expertise, quality and compliance. Our medical machining integrates real time statistical process controls, integrated inspection technologies and advanced production process controls to deliver the dependability and excellence that continually makes our components Part of Something Greater.

Contact us or schedule an appointment in our NexTech Labs and discover how our customer-focused collaboration will improve outcomes on your next project.