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AVNA Newsletter • Q1 2024

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Rebrand Update

We are pleased to announce that the transition of our company name from OKAY Industries, Inc. to AVNA, Inc. officially began in January. We appreciate your patience while we update documents accordingly. If you have any questions regarding the rebrand at all, please feel free to contact your Business Development Executive or Strategic Account Manager.

New email and website addresses have been updated. Please update your files accordingly. See sample below:

Old Web Address:

New Web Address:

Old Email:

New Email:

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The AVNA Advantage

With the launch of AVNA, we refined our mission, vision, and core pillars to guide our team in achieving the operational excellence our customers rely on.


Our mission, “saving lives, one part at a time”, reflects our team’s commitment to quality and accountability for each part that leaves our facility.

Our four pillars: People, Passion, Partnership and Performance, reflect our teams’ commitment to collaborative innovation with our partners to provide revolutionary, reliable products that improve human lives.

Our mission and pillars are our guiding principles that ultimately help us meet and exceed customer expectations for product quality and performance.


Two-shot Overmolding with Metal Tube Forming 

Two-shot molding combines two different thermoplastics into a single molded component, creating intricate, multi-color, multi-material components, reducing the number of components in a finished assembly.

Two-shot molding is used for medical devices that require:

Movable segments or components

Rigid substrates with soft grips

Vibration or acoustic dampening

Surface descriptions or identifications

Multi-color or multi-material components

Learn More About Two-shot Overmolding

New Costa Rica Facility Construction: Reaching New Milestones

Construction progress of our new and expanded manufacturing facility in Evolution Free Zone in Costa Rica continues to progress towards a summer opening. The manufacturing park’s infrastructure has progressed significantly over the last month as well as our building. We expect interior work to begin mid-March.

Phase One includes a 62,000 sf world-class manufacturing facility, with future plans for an additional 58,000 sf space. Overall, the expansion is expected to add approximately 200+ jobs to the area.

Follow the Construction Progress


CMO Trends for 2024

1. Consolidation of medical device resources. Focus on adjacent service providers, such as design and engineering, quality/regulatory, and research services, to fast track speed to market and merge/refine each company’s Approved Suppliers Lists.

2. Acquisitions of multiple domestic and international production sites to support their clients’ supply chain and risk mitigation needs.

3. Forming partnerships with organizations that are more adept at addressing modern manufacturing issues such as shifting supply chains, skilled labor shortages, and environmental sustainability demands.

4. Testing Industry 4.0

What does it mean for Med Device Companies?

1. Know your key suppliers and ensure your purchasing aligns with your suppliers’ long-term business priorities.

2. Review contracts and supplier agreements. They should include contingency plans to address pandemics, natural disasters, business acquisitions, or data breaches.

3. Review quality agreements and understand change notification terms.

4. Know your supplier site transfer schedules, including FDA registration & ISO certification dates for each site.

5.  Regularly reassess the economics of keeping internal manufacturing infrastructure, especially as CMO capacity continues to grow.

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AVNA Launches Employee Charitable Match Program

In addition to the 30+ community organizations AVNA supports throughout the year, in 2023 we launched an Employee Charitable Match Program, committing to match employees’ personal charitable donations up to $200 per employee. 

At AVNA, we encourage and empower our employees to make a rewarding and positive impact within their communities.

Strategic Account Specialist Elly Dougherty used the charitable company match to replenish food shelves for Hands on Hartford, a non-profit serving 1,000 families a month.

“WE” can each make a difference and AVNA’s company match certainly helps make an impact,” said Dougherty. “As you can see from these photos, empty shelves have been replaced with full shelves because folks like “you” and “me” can make a big difference, as every dollar counts!” 

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