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Laser Marking & Surface Treatments for Medical Device Applications

A More Efficient, Greener Approach to Medical Device Component Finishing

In the ever-evolving world of medical device manufacturing, precision and innovative solutions are paramount. AVNA (Formerly OKAY Industries), a leader in production manufacturing of medical components and sub-assemblies, is at the forefront of these advancements. In this article, we explore how laser processing and other vertically integrated surface finish solutions such as bead blasting, can replace traditional plastic shrink wrapping and pad printing on medical tube instruments, offering numerous benefits such as reduced glare, enhanced part identification, substantial environmental advantages, and cost savings.

standard black, matte black, or contrast finishes
surface treatment samples

Reducing Glare and Enhancing Part Identification

Often, medical device surgical tubes are wrapped in black plastic that is marked via pad printing. The black wrapping eliminates glare from bright surgical lighting that could impede a healthcare professional’s vision during a critical procedure. The additional pad printing of the plastic not only allows for branding, but also provides dimensional markers to guide the professional during the procedure. While fairly effective, this process is more costly, less green and does not fully eliminate glare, which still occurs when light reflects off the plastic or printed surface.

Bead Blasting, Laser Marking & Surface Treatment: A Game-Changer

Laser marking and surface treatment has enhanced medical device manufacturing by offering a solution to these challenges. By using lasers for a variety of surface treatments on medical tubes, AVNA not only improves part quality and reliability, but also streamlines processes to optimize time and cost savings. Here’s how:

Product Improvements/Reliability

  • Reduced Glare: Laser marking can create marks with a surface texture that diffuses light rather than reflecting it. This means reduced glare and improved visibility during procedures, ultimately enhancing patient safety and procedural accuracy.
  • Controlled Enhanced Part Identification: Laser marking allows for highly controlled fine details and intricate markings. This enables precise part identification (UDI – Unique Device Identifier), traceability, and serialization, which are critical in the medical device industry for quality control and regulatory compliance.
  • Edge Conditioning Lasers can refine sharp edges, which is critical for intricate cuts and tabs where electronic wiring is passed through to ensure wiring does not fray or short. This can also help with applications where sutures are passed through.

Manufacturing & Environmental Benefits

Blasting & Laser Processing offer several eco-friendly advantages over traditional pad printed plastic wrap:

  • Optimized Productivity & Cost Savings: Unlike pad printing, laser processing doesn’t require plastic, ink, solvents, or other consumables. This eliminates the need for the production, transportation, and disposal of these materials, reducing the environmental footprint of medical device manufacturing. This also streamlines the process and improves productivity and throughput. AVNA has contributed to eliminating millions of feet of plastic and ink waste by introducing the innovative solution of blasting and Laser Marking & Surface Treatment.
  • Energy Efficiency: Laser processing is highly efficient, non-contact and not tool wear, consuming less energy compared to traditional printing methods. This energy efficiency contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and lower operating costs.
laser marking for medical tubes
laser marking to round sharp edges and provide surface treatments

The AVNA Advantage

  1. Advanced Laser Processing Resources & Technologies
    With a full team of Laser Processing Engineers, a dedicated Laser Technologies R&D Prototyping Center, and a broad array of multi-axis (manual and fully-automated) standard or customized Laser Cutting, Welding and Marking systems, AVNA offers optimized DFM solutions and superior highly-complex medical device components and assemblies.
  2. Laser Marking Options
    AVNA offers Class 1 and Class 4 laser marking systems with 2/3/4 and 4+1 Axis: manual or fully custom and automated options with feeders or robotics, and integrated vision system add-ons. Systems are equipped with Nanosecond or Ultrafast-Picosecond lasers that can achieve standard black, matte black, or contrast (white/grey) finishes that are passivation and autoclave resistant. (See image)

    Using lasers for edge conditioning and surface treatments, AVNA can round sharp edges and provide a variety of surface treatments such as laser knurling, scribing, engraving, polishing, blasting, etching, and overmold retention features.
  3. Quality Control in Medical Tube Manufacturing
    Maintaining the highest standards of quality control is non-negotiable in the medical device industry. To ensure the production of superior quality medical tubes, AVNA has implemented a robust quality system to maintain ISO 13458:2016 quality standards. Data collection and process control are fully integrated and provide visibility and status of each part in the process. SPC data is collected and analyzed in real time during each corresponding operation. State-of-the-art inspection equipment in our quality rooms and throughout our production floors allow for immediate critical dimension verification. Measurements are recorded and analyzed through QC-Calc software and then transferred to our ERP system for visibility, traceability, data management, and analysis for continuous improvement.
  4. Vertically Integrated Engineering & Manufacturing Capabilities
    To complement its laser capabilities, AVNA offers advanced manufacturing services, best in class quality systems, automated robotic technologies, DFM/DFR support, and custom manufacturing solutions. Additional capabilities include:


In the competitive landscape of medical device manufacturing, AVNA continues to lead by embracing innovative solutions such as laser processing and surface finish solutions. By replacing traditional plastic shrink wraps and pad printing with bead blasting and laser marking, AVNA not only reduces glare and enhances part identification but also contributes to a greener future and increases supply chain stability. Additionally, our unwavering commitment to quality control ensures that every medical tube instrument produced meets the highest standards of excellence, positioning AVNA as a trusted partner in the healthcare industry’s journey towards progress and precision.

About AVNA

With over 112 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise, AVNA has become a trusted contract manufacturer for major medical device original equipment manufacturers around the world.  Focused exclusively on the medical device market, AVNA is a trusted partner for leading MedTech manufacturers around the world. We produce medical and surgical components and subassemblies for precision-powered, robotic, and mechanical applications including:

  • Cardiac and Neurostimulator Implantable Devices
  • Laparoscopic, Endoscopic, Arthroscopic Devices
  • Surgical Stapling, Cutting, Blades/Knives, Scissors
  • ENT Turbinate/Shaver Blades
  • Ligation Instrument Components and Assemblies

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