Finance Manager

Job Purpose

As a Finance Manager you will be responsible for working with senior management to develop financial strategies for the organization. You are comfortable handling large amounts of data, acting as a business partner, decision maker, and providing regular financial reporting. Effectively oversee and enhance financial management, cost control, and regulatory compliance on both national and Free Trade Zone levels. Responsibilities encompass inventory scrutiny, collaboration with production personnel, in-depth analyses, administration, and assessment of accounts, forecasting industry trends, generating analytical reports, taking a lead role in safeguarding financial and client information, engaging in special projects, and consistently refining accounting procedures. All of this is carried out with a focus on maintaining alignment with organizational objectives.

Key responsibilities

  • Financial Information Management: Systematically gather essential supporting reports, ensuring thorough management of financial information, including balance sheets, income statements, revenue forecasts, budgets, and cash flow statements.
  • Cost management: Optimize cost management by reviewing inventory, coordinating with production personnel for standard cost control and analysis, assessing inventory accounts covering materials, labor, overheads, and off-site locations. Prepare cost analysis and annual accounts reports to provide analytical information, support, and reconcile units for evaluative purposes.
  • Financial Integrity Assurance: Ensure the integrity of accounting information by conducting or overseeing investigations to address discrepancies, guarantee compliance, and maintain the quality of transactions and reports.
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable Oversight: Efficiently manage accounts payable and receivable, overseeing payment documentation, reviewing outstanding invoices, updating debt balances, and executing corresponding disbursements
  • General Ledger Examination and Reconciliation: Thoroughly examine and reconcile the general ledger, detect and investigate discrepancies, and implement corrective measures for prompt resolution.
  • Periodic Closing Procedures: Execute closing procedures monthly, quarterly, and yearly to verify entry creation, ensuring the integrity, accuracy, and consistency of accounting information.
  • Financial Team Supervision : Supervise the financial team, facilitating the transfer of accounting knowledge and reports to other departments, ensuring cohesive collaboration and information dissemination.


  • 5+ years of accounting management experience substantiating eligibility for the position.
  • 4+ years of cost accounting experience for medical manufacturing companies.
  • Advanced proficiency in the English language (C1 level).
  • Experience in Free Trade Zone (Annual Operations Report Audits).
  • Experience with Excel.
  • Membership in Colegio de Contadores id preferred.
  • Personal integrity; ability to keep customer and company confidence.
  • Thorough knowledge of accounting and corporate finance principles and procedures.
  • Strong detail and deadline orientation.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Commercial Accounting, or Finance.
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