COVID-19 Updates

AVNA Team,

First and foremost, thank you. Please know how appreciated and valued you are.

I realize, as we all react to the coronavirus, that daily life has been greatly affected. Our routines are disrupted, many of you are managing children and taking care of elderly parents at home, and we are all having to address increased challenges in simple daily tasks. At a time when we need each other the most, we also must social distance.

In this unusual time, the phrase “Part of Something Greater” truly represents our work. The components we are making, the designs we are improving, and the orders we are shipping serve critical applications.

The health and safety of our team is always our highest priority, and our #1 value in The AVNA Way. We have developed social distancing requirements, worked to communicate personal hygiene best practices, and increased our cleaning processes. Staff members who are able to work remotely are doing so.

I realize the majority of you are still working onsite in production facilities. Your dedication is not only helping manufacture components and assemblies, it is helping to improve health and lives.

Please remember that You Don’t Need to be a Doctor to Save Lives. AVNA components go into pacemakers, are used in surgeries, and are critical assemblies in medical equipment and devices. Your work makes a real difference.

While routines have been disrupted, the need for components and assemblies remains. We are working to address new customer requests and are filling orders for products that are critically needed.

As part of our promise to be Part of Something Greater, and also living The AVNA Way value of Impact, we are partnering with Hartford HealthCare, one of the major local healthcare and hospital organizations, and are donating our engineering, manufacturing and supply chain expertise. We are leading production efforts for critically-needed personal protection equipment for nurses, doctors and health care providers, and will be using the New Britain High School facility for assembly.

During World War II,AVNA Industries shifted our production and order fulfillment to assist in goods used in the war effort. Today, we must work together and meet the coronavirus challenge.

Like you, I have never experienced a situation such as this. Please let me know any ways we can do better. Suggestions that increase safety and improve operations are always welcome.

Please be safe and healthy. And thank you. Together, we are Part of Something Greater.

Jason Howey
President & CEO