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AVNA Costa Rica Receives
Excellence in Innovation and Technology Award

AVNA is proud to announce that its Costa Rican facility has received the PYME Award of Excellence in Innovation and Technology from the Costa Rica Chamber of Industries for its manufacturing of titanium implants. Produced withAVNA ’s SwissNano technology, the implants are used in the treatment of cancer patients and are so small they require a microscope to be seen – measuring the thickness of four human hairs. AVNA is the only company in Latin America to offer the SwissNano capability.

With the award, AVNA also received a $3,000 grant, which was provided by the Consejo Nacional para Investigaciones (CONICIT). The funds will assist AVNA Costa Rica in its strategic growth, as it expands its partnerships with medical device companies.

“The Award for Excellence allows us to advance even further. Our processes are collaborative, allowing each employee to contribute his or her ‘grain of sand’. We are eighty employees committed to innovation and operational excellence”, said Mario Chaves, General Manager of AVNA Costa Rica.

When it opened in 2012,AVNA ’s Costa Rican facility had a total of five employees, which has quickly grown to a dynamic group of eighty people manufacturing highly-precise, complex metal and plastic components and assemblies for medical devices.

“Customers benefit from our expert engineering and high-tech equipment. We are recognized for new and innovative solutions, as well as quality and stability in the processes we have,” continued Chaves.

AVNA fosters innovation through a continuous improvement program that empowers employees to share their ideas for process improvement in all areas of business.

“The world is changing rapidly – what is innovative today, is a necessity tomorrow. It’s why we are constantly analyzing the new opportunities that technology gives us to do things faster and more efficiently,” Chaves said. 

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