Custom Laser Tube Cutting

Medical Precision Laser Tube Cutting Services

AVNA ’ laser tube cutting sets the standard for precision and cleanliness, meeting the strictest tolerances.

Our laser tube cutting is customized to your unique application, delivering the quality and compliance needed for precision medical applications.AVNA ’s Laser Engineers will work with you to create your unique components and assemblies, developing specialized processes and even custom-building laser equipment in-house. Our laser tube cutting services are designed to ensure your project is streamlined, optimized and to deliver the best possible results.

All Laser Cut Tubing Is Not Created Equal.

OKAY’s precision laser tube cutting services offer an unmatched combination of technology, equipment, software and engineering expertise. With laser cuts as small as .0015-inches (.0381mm) wide, our process provides precision advantages – producing sharp, accurate features allowing more intricate designs. Our extremely narrow laser cut capabilities reduce process heat and virtually eliminate the discoloration and warping that can occur with other technologies. Additionally, laser tube cutting allows material removal with zero tool wear – all the work done by the laser, which helps lower production costs.

Our robust combination of advanced laser tube cutting equipment and technologies, including Accu-LaserSwiss, provides unmatched results for our customers. Our team will consider the ratio of machining to precision laser tube cutting services and customize our processes and technologies to your project needs. The results are parts that exceed your expectations for performance, quality and cost.

Our specialized processes and team of Laser Engineers optimize our four and seven-axis equipment to deliver repeatable, high-quality, super-tight-tolerance tube configurations that others cannot. The experience and expert skill set of the AVNA laser team can create part geometries that replace milled or wire EDM manufactured parts at a fraction of the cost. We are ready to maximize our laser tube cutting services for your project requirements.

The precision of our laser cutting services allows us to meet the statistical quality requirements and maintain tight tolerances where others cannot.

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AVNA's precision laser tube cutting services put us ahead of the competition by maintaining tight tolerances
The technology used in our precision laser tube cutting services allow us to produce custom solutions to various applications.

Precision Laser Tube Cutting Services that are Part of Something Greater

AVNA ’ laser tube cutting technology is light-years ahead of the marketplace, with customized process, expert capabilities and specialized Laser Engineers ready to assist to make your component Part of Something Greater. Bring us your toughest challenges and we’ll deliver solutions that exceed your expectations.

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